Own production

Plant of meat products


      Plant of meat products was launched in 2007 with a capacity of 200 kg per day. Currently produces more than 20 kinds of meat products (dumplings, cabbage rolls, cakes, pasties, meatballs, pies, dumplings, zrazy, khinkali etc.)

Honey packing plant

Since 2010, the honey packing plant operates in the resort. Honey natural (floral, linden, buckwheat) and additives (cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds with) packed in original wooden souvenir packaging in glass or plastic jars and containers of various shapes.


Sausage plant

Sausage shop was launched in 2007 with a capacity of 200 kg of finished products per day, as well as providing catering department semi meat (beef, pork and horse meat) and soup set. Currently, produces more than 30 kinds of sausages and meat products (cooked, n / a, w / sausage, frankfurters, sausages, ham, pork products, beef and horse meat to / in a range, etc.).



Bakery and confectionery

Currently produces more than 15 kinds of bakery, 100 kinds of culinary and confectionery products (bread, baguettes, bagels, rolls, buns, cheesecakes, posypushki, rolls, cakes, pies, kurnik, cakes, duchmaki, puffs, cookies, chuck-chuck, baursak, belyashi, uch-pochmak, croissants, muffins, pies, cakes, desserts, etc.)


Lactic plant

      In the lactic plant of the resort every 2 tons of milk processed and produced more than 10 types of dairy products (milk, cream, sour cream, kefir, katyk, yogurt, cottage cheese, short, cheese, etc.). Currently, work is underway on the reconstruction of a lactic plant with the ability to process up to 4 tons of milk per day and expanding range of finished products.