9 may

     We cordially congratulate you on May 9! We all remember and are proud of the fateful feat of the Soviet people, which provided us with a peaceful, clear sky above our heads. In the sanatorium "Yangan-Tau" Victory Day is one of the central holidays of the year: celebrations unite absolutely all those involved in the life of the sanatorium. Traditionally, the seventy-second anniversary was marked by a solemn rally with the installation of wreaths of memory from the sanatorium, the Council of Veterans of the health resort and the village council to the stele of Victory. In honor of veterans of the Second World War and home front workers, a festive feast and concerts were organized with the participation of artists from the Bashkir State Philharmonic (Sterlitamak).

On this day, everyone has a thank-you in their hearts: thanks to all who died and are alive, for this opportunity to realize themselves free and independent, the opportunity given by such an incredibly expensive price.
We respect, we remember, we honor!

With the great holiday of all of you, on the Day of the Great Victory !!!


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